Although E. brings it to my attention that it is actually the same two kilometers, twice, each morning.

A lesson in attention, five days a week. At least that is the rule.

I log my runs on Daily Mile, but no longer cross-post to other social media. I’ve been there close to 5 years now, and figured the best way to create new habits is to tack them on, however possible, to existing habits.

So, I’m resurrecting the running metaphor practice I had once kept as a blog: observations from mindful running, unedited metaphors and aphorisms. And I’m beginning my second 100 day #continuouspractice (social media accountability) of morning writing sessions. Morning pages, if you will. Whatever packaging it takes, from whichever guru one needs, to create the space for being who you choose to be.

The way we use that word always bothers me: be. What do you want to be?
Maybe (for my sake) Yoda should have said, “There is no be. Do.”

You can only be the moment (if that). So at each point, if we could – as we imagine we do – fix time, we are only the choices we are making in that moment. We are doing, always.

It is the first rule of acting. At least, that’s what I tell my students. We are not models in still images. We are not being anything at any point in time, we are doing through time. The scientists say that time doesn’t exist for space. Time is a function of our existence.

“This choice is who I am,” is the only true statement of the present tense regarding “be”. To not choose, is to remain in the past.

So it should be easy to change your life. But we are creatures of habit, and not stepping into the same river twice, takes the effort of attention.





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