Writing Workshops

IMG_20150718_114741I’m cautious of writing workshops. It’s easy to forget how vulnerable we are; how we can unintentionally hurt one another when critiquing personal expressions.

The workshops that I facilitate are as much about working to be good readers (listeners) as they are about working to be good writers. It’s important that the participants respect one another’s voice and experience.

In the workshops, we offer questions, not answers. We never appropriate or rewrite each other’s narratives. Like any exquisite corpse project, the greatness of the whole is dependent upon the uniqueness of each part.

In the past, some participants in the Rogaland workshops have written in English, others in Norwegian, which has led to interesting discussions about rhythm, onomatopoeia, code-switching and other literary devices.

More information about the “Reframing Your Life” workshops for women can be found here.

Please send me an email if you are interested in signing up for the next round of workshops.

I 2010 deltok jeg i Ren Powells skrive workshop «Siste utkast», en fantastisk mulighet til å lære fra en svært dyktig poet. Som workshopholder gjorde Ren en fabelaktig jobb med å introdusere oss til metoder å få tilgang til inspirasjon til å skrive, metoder jeg bruker den dag i dag når jeg har skrivesperre. Hun klarte å skape et trygt og åpent miljø hvor alle trygt kunne dele sine tekster med resten av gruppen uten å føle seg dømt.  –  Maria Næss

More testimonials here.

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