News: Summer, 2019

A fallow year and slow growth. But there was the surprise of Struga.

An invitation to be a guest at the Struga Poetry Festival Evenings was so out-of-the-blue that I thought it was a vanity scam. But what a gift. Not only the honor of being invited, but the pleasure of hearing the other 34 poets read and discuss their work. Beautiful to see so many people turn out to listen to poetry during the warm evenings/nights. 

And because of Struga, I will have more news soon…

For now, you can access the daily diaries on Youtube, if you are interested.

2 Replies to “News: Summer, 2019”

  1. if you can believe social media, you were absolutely GLOWING at that conference! congrats on the opportunity. sending love across the atlantic. xo

    1. Thanks so much! It was a wonderful experience and extremely inspiring. I have been busy since returning – but will begin full-throttle soon.


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