In art class
the instructor tells us to always observe carefully
the instructor tells us that there are no lines in nature

but he isn’t paying attention
__everything lines up
everything falls
___________in line

and there are lines to be crossed
and there are lines not to be crossed
____there are lines that divide
and there are lines that mesh

that hold us as we breathe
in and out in lines that are ripples expanding
the cages that hold our beating hearts.

towards the west coast of England. We’re running castle to castle again come February.
But still a long way to go before that.

The dog is staring at me. We’ve both grown soft on this side of summer and I believe he feels a similar ambivalence facing the prospect of leaving this warm little library and hitting the trail. In the dark. In the cold. It takes a special kind of faith to push against the nature of things.

But I’ll lace up my ugly red shoes, pull on some cheap gloves, and grab his lead.