Ren Powell
is a native Californian – now a Norwegian citizen settled on the west coast of Norway.

Ren has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from Lancaster University (England). And a BA in Theater from Texas A&M University (USA).

She has been a member of The Norwegian Author’s Union since 2005 and has published six full-length collections of poetry and more than two dozen books of translations with traditional publishing houses. Her poetry collections have been purchased by the Norwegian Arts Council for national library distribution, and her poems have been translated and published in eight languages.

Ren is currently focusing on hand-bound poetry collections, visual poetry, performance, and conceptual artworks.

Ren is an associate editor and feature writer for Poemeleon, and a Poetry Reader for the peer-reviewed journal Orange Blossom Review. She also teaches Theater Production, Theater History, and Movement for Stage at Vågen Secondary School for the Visual and Performing Arts.