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Current Collaborations:

Participation in Italo Lanfredini – “la Silenziosa”‘s upcoming project POETA
A collaboration with poets from Europe, America (south and north), Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, India, Poland, and the Baltic countries …….

A translation for a film project based on Truls Horvei‘s poetry book  – Min fars stemme. Produced by Scenekraft.

Recent Work, Reviews & Interviews:

Poetry & Prose:

Ren Powell reading at the Struga Poetry Evenings Festival 2019 (video):

An Informal Essay on “Pay for Play” in the Literary Community

A poem in the anthology Borders in Globalization (page 104)


Readers’ reviews of Impermanence

Ren Powell does brief poetry book/chapbook reviews at G.A.S.


Thomas Whyte’s mini-interviews with poets: Ren Powell

Ren Powell interviews the Poet Natasa Sarzoska

Some Older Links:

This Choice Podcast – Ren’s interviews with other poets from 2018 .

Poetry & Prose:

Verse Daily

Spring anthology Poet’s Corner (using the Way Back Machine):
“Red-eared Slider”. A memoir in verse.
Nominated for Pushcart.

The California Journal of Poetics


Big City Lit. Performance poem: “Dark. Like Snow” (an ex.pat 9/11 poem)

Escape Into Life

Salt River Review



Velveteen Rabbi

World Literature Today – The Elephants Have Been Singing All Along

World Literature Today – An Elastic State of Mind

NYU School of Medicine

Blue Positive

Not Now, Darling… I’m Reading. 


Woodrat podcast