Mentoring Details

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist of any sort, and do not provide professional (or amateur) advice regarding mental health.

Therapeutic writing prompts are designed to help people deal with everyday traumas and anxieties, and to discover and explore hidden strengths and desires. Please seek professional help if you are struggling with serious emotional, psychological or psychosomatic issues.

Up front about the cost of mentoring:

I provide 4 prompts (which can include one Skype meeting) for the cost of a book (+shipping and handling). And I mean this literally: I have a day job that pays my rent, and this is a way for me to add to my library, simultaneously supporting the writing and publishing community.

Once I have sent the first prompt or we have had the first skype meeting, you pick a book from my wish list, and purchase it from the publisher or Amazon, and have it sent to me here in Norway. The total cost is usually around 40-50 USD. Then we are off… for as many “books” as you find helpful.

Sound reasonable? Please write to me!