Needy Little Gods
Running time ca. 90 minutes
Written for an ensemble of 15 – min. cast 6 women; or 5 women, 1 man
Script available in English or Norwegian

Part kitchen-sink drama, part myth, part murder mystery, Needy Little Gods begins when Someone’s Daughter returns home to collect her grandmother for the Afterworld. Three generations of women try to tease out their individual stories, and struggle to define their relationships.

Meanwhile, the goddess Sigyn holds the fate of the worlds in her hands. When she tires of looking after her shape-changing/gender- shifting spouse Loki, all Hell will break loose.

Free as a Bird, Light as a Bone
Running time ca. 90 minutes
Written for an physical theater ensemble of 8 – min. cast 2 women, 2 men

Free as a Bird, Light as a Bone is a poetic work that incorporates found text from the true story of Horace Wells, who is often referred to as the inventor of modern anaesthesia. Believed to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stephenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the 19C dentist Horace Wells was convicted of throwing acid at women in NYC in 1848, and took his own life while in prison.

The play is a work of fiction – a memory play, seen through the eyes of Horace’s wife Elizabeth. The story begins with Horace’s awkward proposal of marriage. The couple struggle with their opposing, and variable natures. Throughout the ten years of their marriage, Elizabeth confides in her friend and aunt Mary, an artist; and – perhaps unwittingly – conspires with Horace’s business partner and nemesis William Morton.


Four-Cornered Object
running time ca. 60 minutes
2 women, 2 men


A collage artist in her mid-40s tries to make sense of the pieces of her life.

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