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Ren (Katherine) Powell

(about) The Podcasts:

Do you want to suggest a writer whom you admire and would like to hear their thoughts on the topic of Poetics & The Good Life?

Does your poetry practice influence your life in terms of how you see and behave in the world? Does your own approach to life fit in well with the the purpose of the This Choice podcast? (Have you listened to the podcast?)

I’m always looking for poets to interview and inspire. Please send me an email to suggest a poet, or – if you are suggesting yourself, a presentation of your work and a statement of why you think you’d be a good fit for the theme of the podcast.

I currently have interviews lined up through the fall of 2017. Please check out the Xtra Voices project and consider sending an audio file!

Please write This Choice Podcast in the subject line.

Email me here.

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