3454_211668735635882_176915999_nRen Powell has worked as a literary translator since 1996, and has translated more than two dozen book-length publications for various publishers.

Contemporary Norwegian poets she has worked with include Nils Christian Moe-Repstad, Jon Fosse, Jan Eirik Vold,  Odveig Klyve, Tor Obrestad, Kolbein Falkeid, Helge TorvundGunnar Roalkvam, Finn Øglænd, and Mansur Rajih.

She has also translated plays and performing texts, including the stage version of Kitchen Stories (Salmer fra kjøkkenet), and the performance text for Janne-Camilla Lyster‘s Bird and Bead.

These days Ren only takes on projects that are creatively challenging or provide opportunities for collaboration.