1. Pleasing to have your voice and wondering back here again.

    Am I permitted to stand on my head about gratitude? I like it more when it leads my path, more than when a puppy dogs tail, an afterthought. Is that stance generosity? I made that deal with life once upon a time. Somedays I live up to that vow. Whatever comes my way, at least it came my way at all you know. The experience is different, heads or tails.

    AND about the time you went away, your lovely “book” arrived. Patience, more than right! Worth the wait. Your book in a single word – exquisite. No fooling Ren! I feel honored having a copy, I do. neil

    • I am so glad the book got there! It is comforting to find you here as I return to the space again. Find you writing a bit too 😉

  2. I love the “idea” of hope which is, in itself, hopeful. Yet it doesn’t sustain us. I enjoy reading your raw, honest views. Thank you. Pamela

  3. We don’t hold our breaths. Why then cling with emotions and thoughts? Yes. Ren your self expression/examination is, I think, beautiful in and of itself. Thanks for showing and sharing.

  4. Thanks Ren. We seldom expect the unexpected. Too obvious? Been kinda looking at the same, if with different words. Kindness, compassion, gratitude? And even when I see the right (more alive, genuine) way to be, well… is it exhaustion or laziness leading me astray?

  5. In sum, ouch, is the word. Still, to my ears your process of expression reads like love. You teach me.

    And did I say?, thank you for your exquisite handmade book. A real work of art in every way. Thanks Ren. And FYI, the like-button here don’t work for me, but never think I’m not reading. I am.

    • So wonderful to hear from you – my wheels have been spinning a bit too fast lately but I know I will settle soon. It means a lot to know you are reading – and writing, too! Again, so happy to know that you like the book!

  6. Can’t begin to say how much I love this contemplation, Ren. I think of my own compulsive returns to memory (as if memories were a place–and sometimes, I guess they are), but they remain nether-neverlands at that. And they are knotted with nightmares, daytime anxiety spikes, the running script in the brain and in the blood that doesn’t stop, unless you touch something outside of your body, pay attention to something that is not you, to get outside. But then we have moments, too, where we should just experience it, on its own sublingual terms.

  7. Beautiful, listening. Odd thing to say? Asking myself. But yes, beautiful. Been thinking better to exclude more of my dire thoughts about having a body – but exclusion… that’s a lie. You make more visible. Thankful for the lessons your living teaches. Now – morning coffee and a bench on the street.

  8. I so enjoy reading your thoughts. Always refreshing & grounding. You capture what it is to simply be human so well, and it’s beautiful. Whenever my mind runs rampant, I remember your voice from a class at Vågen softly saying «humans love stories». It often calms me & I’m grateful to have that as a kind of core memory.

    I miss the rain. The smell of Norwegian air after the heavy downpour stops. Sending you some internal sunshine from California.

  9. If one word to describe your writing here – scenic. So much swimming movement in your chosen words. You make me love the water! Thanks for letting me see.

  10. Even eyes-open I wonder how much/little we really yet understand. But no choice huh, to begin where we begin. The krill, good analogy!

  11. No pun intended, Ren, but I feel you. Both in regards to FB and also in regards to humans’ limited capacity for maintaining relationships, both of which I’ve written about.


  12. Thank you for your empathy and your wisdom in seeing & saying that in-person empathy seems better than internet empathy here. You enlightened and comforted me, as I’ve witnessed FB friends in their struggles, too, not knowing what to do except express sorrow and wish them well. I do fear that there is no one comforting them in person, alas, but I see that I can still not do more than send support.

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