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Conceptual multimedia work.
Handbound Poetry Book, 2021
More details about the concept here.

Limited Series of 10
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“Ren Powell’s Impermanence acts as a reminder, both visual and visceral–in its physiological meaning (the heart, the gut)–that we live in and through the stories we tell. The cursive in her illustrations operates as one of several connectors that loop through her poems until these pictures and words combine to create, as she puts it, origami boxes: “your stories/ folding in on themselves.”
– Ann E. Michael, poet

Only available as paperback now

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A Conceptual Multimedia Artwork:
Poetry (42 poems)
Plaster/paper mache bust (video) and original photography
14 Acrylic Monoprints

The Book: Moroccan handmade paper (hardcover)
Double-Needle Coptic Stitching
(note: this intentionally loose stitch allows for an open-back and “lay flat” binding)
15 X 20 cm, 60 pages
Text block: 160gsm acid-free, ethically resourced paper

Limited series of 10 – signed and numbered
April, 2021

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Weight .33 kg
Dimensions 22 × 33 × 3 cm