Ren has a doctorate in Creative Writing, and over twenty years’ experience teaching Creative Writing, Theater Arts, and Drama.

Ren is interested in mentoring poets and playwrights at all levels of experience.

She has special interests in formal poetry, and in therapeutic writing.

In regard to therapeutic writing:

As your mentor I will provide you with a framework for your own expressive writing, which often has a therapeutic function.

Drawing on my background in educational counselling, and on my experience teaching the expressive arts, I design writing prompts based on your interests – and you write.

My job then is to be a sensitive reader, who can provide an objective but compassionate perspective from which to ask new questions. I will design each new prompt based on your responses to the previous prompts.

We often overlook our own strengths, and sometimes we need a gentle nudge to dare to explore what excites us.

My role as a mentor isn’t to help you navigate your life. I’m just here to hold the flashlight that helps reveal the half-hidden doors. You choose which to peer into, which to walk through, and which to leave alone.

If this sounds interesting, I would love to hear from you!

Ren’s manifesto on poetry’s role in creating “a good life”, reinvention and personal growth is here.

She has run workshops for adults and teens with support of the Arts Council Norway, and other public funding, and has been employed as a mentor through Prescott College’s Master of Arts program, which emphasizes community service as part of their teaching ethos.

For more detailed information about mentoring contact Ren.

“My Graduate Mentor, Ren Powell, offered advice and guidance that refocused my essay writing abilities, emphasizing creativity and honest discourse over argumentation. […] Ren was supportive, and her feedback was detailed and well-stated. Through her correspondences, Ren is personable, and she respects student input and agency. She rarely dictates specific “solutions” to problems in a draft; instead, she provides guidance designed to help me find the best path for my learning and writing style. She poses thoughtful ideas and questions that get me rethinking and revising in the right direction.”

James Gapinski, MFA

Ren sitt skriveverksted løftet fram mine egne og andres ubrukte evner på en enkel og overraskende måte. Hun inspirerte meg til å få tak på uante, veldig produktive og kreative sider, og gjorde det overraskende lett å få tak på min egen stemme som forfatter og å skape nye uttrykk. For eksempel overrasket jeg meg selv med å kunne skrive tøysete regler i en fart og uten en eneste selvkritisk tanke. Og med å kunne kombinere sekvenser basert på egenerfarte hendelser som hadde litterær og poetisk dybde og tyngde. Hun åpnet opp for, og veiledet den enkelte inn mot sitt eget unike forhold til det å skape og skrive, samtidig som vi hele tiden befant oss i et lyttende og nærende samspill med hverandre. I kroppen min duver ennå båten vi sjøsatte den gangen for over 3 år siden.”
Ingunn Mandt Larsen