This Choice is Who You Are

This blog is a new project, growing out of classroom work that I began in 2017 to address the concerns of teenagers (and this one middle-aged woman), as we find ourselves living in a post-truth era, with its attention economy.

It’s my attempt to find an integrated approach to dealing with everyday, existential anxieties that so many of us feel. In this post-absurdist time, not only do we have to create our own meaning, we feel have to justify our existence in a dog-eat-dog-eat-dog pyramid scheme of perceived significance.

All the while, paradoxically, struggling to belong.

This Choice is Who You Are” has been my personal motto/mantra for more than a decade. It is a reminder that, as long as we are breathing, becoming is our only true state of being.

And because,
as long as we are breathing,
(in the words of Gertrude Stein)
there is no there there“. 

We are (becoming) in the individual moments that make up our lives.

Embracing this gives me a sense of control.

If you are interested in exploring therapeutic writing, please check out my mentoring project.