The End of Exceptional Days

Leonard is curled up on the rug. Most of him is on the rug. His head is on the wood flooring where it is cool. It’s a quarter to seven and we’ve walked around the block, meditated and yoga-ed, and I ran along the lake in the rain.

It feels like coming home.

I am letting go of the anxiety. The state of “braced for bad news”. Too rigid, I broke under the strain. And that is okay. We break. And we heal. Again and again. Not always stronger. But who said strong was the goal? Supple is an odd word. I don’t care for the sound of it, but it is the right word. Perhaps trying to use physical metaphors to describe the psyche is all wrong anyway.

The wind is blowing this morning. The clouds are lit by the greenhouses. Light pollution, yes, but it means I can see the wind in the sky. I can see the great burlesque of stars covered and dis-covered. Just a bit of the old Hunter’s Moon visible in the dark. Fully present, regardless.

The real world outside ourselves is both ephemeral and eternal. If not the world, than the universe. If not the universe, then whatever it is that has no need to be “strong”. No need to measure existence in successes and failures.

A colleague’s toddler has Covid. And we are scrambling to find the latest guidelines. National. Local. I pull the box of masks out of the cupboard again. But this is no longer exceptional. It is no longer a state of emergency. It is.

These days are passing. From my perspective. The constellations moving. From my perspective. Leaves falling – fallen. Darkness closing in from both ends of each day. A space for deep work.

And it is time to stop thinking about all of this uncertainty, this grief, these fears as a kind of time-out.

photo: Ren Powell
a red maple leave against a thin tree trunk

2 Replies to “The End of Exceptional Days”

  1. Listening. I like your voice. I like how you swim. I can’t fix the universe, much less myself. But I can smile with a passing stranger. Can that be enough? Me, I’ll root for that.