A Quick Field Note

The British National History Museum’s image database is online. I’m researching Ichneumonoidea. And telling myself to keep looking, to become so familiar, so intimate with them that they become beautiful in my eyes.

There are close-up photos of veined wasp wings, and of wasp eyes that look like woven mats. The antennae curl like ribbons shaved with the edge of a knife. Deep black thoraxes.

Or thoraxes as pale as a waxy layer of old Nordic flesh – mimicking the semi-permeable barrier between life and death. Almost translucent, almost obscene.

Maybe there is a kindness in some deceptions. Death comes over the flesh – dappled first, then like a curtain of darkness with the elegance of opera gloves: somehow stuerent (socially acceptable).

The tarantula hawk has a body as black as ink. And wings as bright as persimmons.

Make sense of that emotionally.


In America, it is National Poetry Month. I am not good with everyday constraints, so it is just as well that I am not an American. But I am working every day on this project. Posting or not.

Happy writing if you are writing. Happy reading, regardless!

3 Replies to “A Quick Field Note”

  1. I had to find your twitter link to the post to be able to come and like it, and there seems an aptness in that today. I wonder how many deceptions are improved by kindness – I can think of any number, and worry that I indulge in too many of them.

    1. I discovered there are problems when I don’t give my posts a title.
      Catching up with reading now after feeling a bit sorry for myself 😉


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