Sunday Thoughts: short film by Chris Landreth.

At the risk of courting the ire of my friends who feel strongly on the subject of monetary compensation for their art work (and I do not disagree, in general), I believe this is where we go wrong: believing we are entitled to economic compensation for “our” genius (I rather like the Ancient Greek take on what genius is). If we assume that our creativity is a means to a capitalist end, or a justification for the unique and privileged social status of “artist”, then perhaps we¬†are forgetting that creating art is also a factor/condition of our human existence. Artists who resort to self-destruction out of spite in the face of what they feel is a lack of recognition do have my compassion, but not my respect.

What are we striving for? Why do we create, really? (After all, history is a fickle thing: ethically abhorrent men remembered as icons for things they never stood for; the truly compassionate, who gave joy to people around them, too often forgotten entirely in a generation.)

This film is beautiful. And sad. And frustrating. But, honestly, it makes me want to walk down to the park, write poems on paper, and fold them into tiny boats that will disintegrate in the shining lake. That kind of fragility might just be the right kind for me today. That kind of art.