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Phoenicia Publishing

Mercy Island:
New and Selected Poems

Ren Powell

These forty-one poems, written by Ren Powell between 1998 and 2010, depict a coming of age that begins in a claustrophobic American trailer park and expands into the kind of borderless existence shared by all emigrants and homesick travelers.

Throughout this journey, the poet’s fears–which are the fears we all harbor – are balanced by her unflinching witness to what is real, just, true, and beautiful. Even in the face of pain and disintegration, the poet refuses to relinquish her humor and her humanity.

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Mad orphan Lit.


A facsimile of handbound, original mixed media work.
Ren Powell

A Conceptual Multimedia Artwork:
42 Poems
Plaster/paper mache bust (video) and photography
Acrylic Monoprints

“Ren Powell’s Impermanence acts as a reminder, both visual and visceral—in its physiological meaning (the heart, the gut)—that we live in and through the stories we tell.
—  Ann E. Michael, author of The Red Queen Hypothesis and other books

“What if there is music here
among the microbes
and what if they’ve carved sagas-
illegible ridges on your skin

What if one day you will be close enough
kin enough
to understanding.”

Facsimiles are available via blurb (print on demand).


Metta4 Vol. 1
Creative Writing Prompts

A facsimile of handbound, original mixed media work.
Ren Powell

A Meditative Approach to Your Creative Writing
A Creative Approach to your Meditation Practice

A workbook with 11 yoga-inspired prompts and blank pages.
Photography & Watercolor.

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Facsimiles are available via blurb (print on demand)