A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

I’ve been thinking about what it is to have faith in things. In gods, people, ideas… in science.

It’s as though a capacity for faith is a requirement for human civilization. A faithless polymath won’t get themselves to to the next county, much less the moon.


I’ve been thinking about the myth of the garden of Eden and wondering if I’ve missed the point entirely: Eve ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

Eve ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge.


In Norwegian there is a phrase: lettvint kunnskap.
Carl Jung said to beware of unearned wisdom.
(I’m assuming he said it – or wrote it – in German, but bear with me.)

Every once in a while it occurs to me to wonder why I believe anyone has ever gone to the moon. Apparently I have faith in humanity. And faith in our inhumanity, as well.

But I wonder sometimes how far from the source faith remains a reasonable foundation for the way we live.


Trees grow in groves to support each other. To support the weight of snow, the force of winds, the dearth of sunshine. They share. Who knows if a kind of faith is at play. If a tree chooses to send roots in the direction of other roots “knowing” there is sugar to be had from another member of the community.

I wonder what they give back
when they take the sugar.


We think we know things. Like what it takes to make an apple.
( – which was probably not an apple, but that is another story)


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