Walking the Walk

Day 8. Our guide talks about non-judgement.

It is difficult not to call this a beautiful day. But I know that’s not the point. A friend wrote about how the phrase “uncertain times” is popping up a lot these days. But I keep wondering when the “certain times” were?

I wrote a poem once with a line to remind the reader that the Apocalypse comes for someone every day. Isn’t that the only certainty we live with?

img_20200418_1628521029700247427908521.jpgI have always found it comforting when people of great faith admit to doubt. Then I know they are living in the same world I live in. I was going to write that these people are “honest with themselves”, but that is a judgment.

Perhaps there are people in the world who experience the world as having footholds, certainties. Me assuming otherwise is a projection of my own perspective as the correct perspective. And has a consequence of condescension at best, of accusation at worst.

Best – worst. Yeah, they are both unproductive at any rate. And neither is a form of compassion.

Judgement doesn’t have an antonym in my dictionary. Maybe it is compassion? With compassion, one can explain consequences, but one can never sit in judgement. Maybe we should do away with judges and replace them all with arbitrators.

I’ve been walking these moors for more than twenty years now, and still I can be uncertain of the ground. I can find myself suddenly ankle-deep in water, tossed by a stone tipping on a hidden fulcrum.

But isn’t that exactly why we choose to walk these trails? Isn’t that – the uncertainty – the source of the surprising joy that keeps us from being jaded with the world?


One Reply to “Walking the Walk”

  1. Yes. Yes, that is why we walk these trails 🙂 I’m sure of it.
    It has been strange to work this summer season, for the National Park, and to be slammed by weather emergency after weather emergency, and be told that this is the worst season, ever. And to find myself thinking, but how would it have been had the season been normal. My ‘normal’ was a series of events, that bonded our small team and made us ready for ‘anything’.


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