Get Lost, Will You?

The 19th leg of the virtual Camino.

Today our gentle guide encourages us to have an intention to allow ourselves to get lost.

I resist this. I came on this virtual Camino because I already feel lost: I set out from a starting point I couldn’t pinpoint, didn’t recognize – I had lost myself.

When gratitude is the ground on which we stand, we can be satisfied with life exactly as it is and relax into the unknown.  – SAGE COHEN

So, as they say: “Where does it say…” you have to know who you are to be happy where you are?

I have been going about it all backwards. Who I am is how I move through the world. I believe this. But I should be questioning the value of my own personal dogma when it comes to how I think I should be moving through the world.

If I am going to allow the world to delight me, maybe it is an advantage to be such a stranger to my own manner that I’m not able to predict what will delight me?

If I accept that I am lost, I’ll see the world through a wider lens. I’ll necessarily look more closely at the details – with an open mind.

I may well find many new versions of myself along the way.  And isn’t this what growth is all about?



Something from your perspective?

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