Interview with Patricia Fargnoli

"Well the mind is one with the body, and what the body experiences affects how one perceives the world. And doesn’t our poetry express and often even create our world view. The body affecting the poetry; the poetry affecting the body... back and forth, back and forth. Isn’t all experience, after all, felt through the body? Doesn’t all one’s poetry come through the body: the line through the breath, the rhythms through the heart and pulse-beats, the thoughts through the mind and emotions?"

Poetics & The Good Life: A Manifesto

Poetry is a "made thing". But it's not just a pleasant rhyme, not a pretty little story with tidy conflicts and a reassuring resolution. Poetry demands a representation that somehow conveys living consciousness. It's transcendent of its own artificialness. And it is necessarily awesome, in the sense that it is also tinged with fear; if something conveys a true sense of life, it must also convey a sense of mortality. Poetry, as an art form, is not escapism. It is a confrontation with our truths.