This Choice: Jo Hemmant

This Choice is Who You Are has been my mantra these past years: a mantra for becoming the person I want to be. I believe that choosing to live with the attention that poetry demands is a good start.

In the Podcasts, I look to other artists to learn from their experiences.

I ask poets how their work with poetry influences the ch
oices they make in their daily lives, and how these, in turn, affect their sense of self and their relationships.

How are they using the experience of art to shape The Good Life for themselves?

Jo Hemmgardenphotosized-2ant is a poet, meditation teacher and erstwhile publisher of Pindrop Press. Her first collection, The Light Knows Tricks, was published by Doire Press in 2013. She lives in the Kent countryside with her husband and sons.

Its tightly-crafted and teasing spell leaves a longing for change in its wake. The tone crackles and the language catches alight in this unafraid and startling debut.

— Cherry Symth



Poems read or referred to in the podcast:

“Interview with a Chilean Miner” from The Light Knows Tricks. Doire Press, 2013.
“Not Two” – an (as yet) unpublished work by the Jo Hemmant.
The Horses” by Ted Hughes.

*Note: Check out the   This Choice Podcast Extra: a guided meditation by Jo Hemmant, with music by Alex Duncan. (also available on iTunes)

 Original music and artwork by Karl R. Powell.

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