Would Were Beauty as Infectious

Distract your thoughts.

It’s today’s card in “The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills” deck. Focus on the colors around me, it suggests. The white noise of the space heater, I suppose. The blue light hitting my eyes from an angle, from the tiny lamp on my desk. The deep greens and browns of my peripheral vision as I type. Black on white and all this weird light that is somehow real and not. It is ephemeral. And yes, all things are ephemeral, but this… this is not ink in paper, graphite on paper: when you erase a word there is evidence in the world. Dust like the dust of our bodies.

I hit the delete button and it’s like it never was. That thought. Where is the threshold for entering the world?

Hit “publish”. Tweet. And it’s out there forever as they say. Even deleted it can survive like an angry ghost. Done is done, evidence or not. Light can carry darkness.

There are religious people who employ others to sweep the way for them.

Sometimes the illusion of our own innocuousness, our own powerlessness is a comfort.


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