A Second, Brief Hike & Mixed Metaphors

20170114_141858It’s kind of like a second date. We took the same route as last weekend. And this time the veil of fog was gone.

A steady, small gale blew over the stretches of open landscape. Catching us from side, front or pushing us as we made the circle of the trail.

The sun had half-set: slipped under the hills, but had not yet touched the North sea. And the  eastern slope we climbed – with its cover of delicate, wind-carved snow – blushed like a summer peach.

That promise kept me warm – enough.

No sign of the flu that has been creeping through my joints this week.  And two-and-a-half, painless hours of slick-rock terrain proved my runner’s knee has healed.

I can finally begin the new year. 


2 thoughts on “A Second, Brief Hike & Mixed Metaphors Leave a comment

  1. All I can say is that reading your blogs is like breath–I seem to need them like that. They speak to me in a way nothing else has. I am not writing now, too much life to deal with, but I see these blogs as a grace, as a tool, as a respite and affirmation. As air.

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    1. I’m not sure what to say to that, MaryJo. I’m touched, and grateful to know that my reflections resonate with you. And I sincerely hope that life gets softer for you very soon!


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