A re-Beginner’s Mind Maybe

You can’t wander into a flow if you never begin moving.

I’ve begun thinking in terms of platitudes, I’m afraid. It is probably time for another break from social media.

There’s never enough time in the day – and that has to be a matter of structure and attention, not time. A matter of pulling out the paper and the charcoals, and getting my fingers dirty.

Caging the oxpecker.

Stories should never begin with, “Once upon a time.” But rather, “And then, this time…”

2 Replies to “A re-Beginner’s Mind Maybe”

  1. In the same boat about there not being enough time in the day. Though I’m not sure it’s always a matter of structure and attention. We do need to sleep. We do need to chill. We need to make sure we have enough of ourselves for ourselves. Somebody told me that a few weeks ago, and you can guess who it was.